Crippen's Fly & Light Tackle Expeditions

Florida Panhandle

Crippen’s Fly and Light Tackle Expeditions spends close to a month in Florida’s Panhandle between May and June each season. The panhandle area provides excellent clear water tarpon fishing. We specialize in Fly Fishing for laid up and migratory fish during this time. The beautiful untouched Gulf waters provide anglers exceptional shots. These trips book up fast so please get with us well in advance of Tarpon Season.

We can recommend excellent places to stay and dine. If you have never fished the Gulf for Tarpon you owe it to yourself to give it a try!!! This is always a favorite of our clients.  Clear water, hard bites, big jumps, and lots of fish!!

fly fishing for tarpon with Crippen Fishingflyfishing for tarpon with Capt Scott Crippen


  • FISH: Average 70-90 lbs. Shots at 100+ lb fish common. Sightfishing over grass and white sand. Fish come in singles, small groups, and large strings of 20+ at a time.

  • GEAR: 11-12 wts, typically using floating lines. 45-65 ft casts, sometimes in stiff wind. Flies are generally small patterns, varying colors based on conditions.
  • CONDITIONS: Ranging from calm in the mornings to windier afternoons once the sea breeze picks up. We use casting platforms with cages for added stability.

*Note: These trips are run in conjunction with good friend Capt. Christian Yergens ( While Capt Scott will only be in the Panhandle for a month, Christian will be there from May to August.