Crippen's Fly & Light Tackle Expeditions

Lake Okeechobee

If you have had your fill of Saltwater and are looking for a new or different experience, Lake Okeechobee is only 30 minutes to our West. Lake Okeechobee is abundant with life. Boasting some of the greatest Bass fishing in the world and some of the Largest in Florida, Lake Okeechobee provides excellent angling for both fly rod and conventional fisherman.

In the Spring some sight fishing opportunies arise for fly anglers. This is when the big female bass begin to spawn and they make excellent shallow water sight fishing targets. There are also millions of Blue Gill (shell crackers) bedding in late Spring to Summer. Over 100 can be caught on fly in a half day along with some nice bass in the mix. The wildlife in the lake is incredible and Lake Okeechobee trips are unforgettable. 

This can also be an excellent back up weather plan if the Salt is too rough.